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About Me

My name is James Neale and I am a professional photographer based in Norwich, Norfolk.

I love pizza, drink Earl Grey tea and can occasionally be seen with a bag or two of Haribo sour mix or skittles laying on my desk. My favourite film is Bad Boys, and my second favourite film is Bad Boys 2 ;) Stereophonics and Oasis can often be heard blasting out in the office whilst I work and my favourite colour is orange. 

I first found my love of photography whilst doing a charity trek in China back in 2006, and over the next 3 years I spent every minute I could learning, experimenting, making mistakes, and working out what would happen if I turned that knob to that position.

September 2009 I took the plunge and left the world of retail management to pursue my career in photography. 8 years later and over 150 weddings I'm still going strong and enjoy every single day!

If you are getting married, have an interest in photography or you are bored and need someone to chat to, please do get in touch. 

James Neale Photography - 07833491550 - smile@jamesnealephotography.com

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