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Ashley & Rachel - Lynford Hall Hotel Wedding

Lynford Hall hotel is one of my favourite wedding venues. As a wedding photographer there is something special about that place. So much history, and so many amazing places to take photos! So when Ashley and Rachel booked me for their wedding, I couldn't wait. 

I arrived at Lynford Hall nice and early. Rachel knew exactly what she wanted from the day and had pretty much planned my entire shot list! Typed up over four A4 pages I worked my way through the list of detail shots that she wanted, nothing was left un-shot! :)

To say Rachel was a little nervous is an understatement, whilst Ashley on the other hand was quietly enjoying his pint in the bar. 

Once the ceremony was over Rachel relaxed and we then started going through the list of group photos that she wanted. There was quite a few, but we managed to get through them very quickly so we didn't waste any time. Then we disappeared off to take the couples personal shots. 

It was a fantastic wedding to be a part of, great people, the lovely staff at Lynford Hall, and stunning photo opportunities. 

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