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Beginners Guide to Autumn Photography

Autumn for me is the most beautiful season to shoot in. Amazing sunrises, misty mornings and amazing colours will make sure that you have lots of stunning images to capture. The following hints and tips will make sure that you capture some beautiful pictures.

Remember when we are shooting landscapes to follow these simple steps.

Rule of thirds

Depth of field

Make sure you shoot with a large depth of field so that their is detail throughout the whole image. F8 or higher will give you this.

Sunsets & Sunrises When photographing sunsets and sun rises you may need to use the Exposure Compensation (AV) feature on your camera to make sure that the image isn't washed out. To do this you will need to select a negative adjustment. An alternative to this is to change the cameras metering mode to spot metering and focus on a mid tone within your image.

Spot metering will also help you create some beautiful silhouettes.

The small things

Make sure you don't forget to look for the small things too, these can also make for some interesting Autumn images.

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