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Silhouette Photography

We have all seen wonderful sunsets and then gone to take them to find the camera washes them out and over exposes the sky. 

Well, with a few little tips, you will be out creating the perfect Silhouette images. 

Getting Started

Setting the scene is key to a great silhouette shots. We need to find interesting foreground subjects to under expose in front of the bright sky. 

Composition is key here, remember the rule of thirds to really make your images stand out. 

Camera settings

Now there are various ways of shooting silhouettes. Some will say to shoot in Manual, others will tell you to use shutter priority mode and change metering modes, but the simplest way is to keep the camera in Aperture Priority and use the Exposure Compensation button to under expose the image. This button will usually be marked as "AV" or "+/-"You will need to key in a minus exposure to under expose the shot making your images darker to give you the black foreground against a perfectly exposed sky. 

Silhouettes work perfectly with all types of foreground subjects. See some of the examples below and then get out and start shooting! 

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