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Beginners Guide to Snow Photography

Snow can make for some great images, although it can also cause a number of problems too. Follow this guide and you should be able to head out and capture some amazing winter images.

First things first - Wrap up warm Seems a simple thing really but make sure you really wrap up warm. Thick socks and walking boots will help keep your feet warm. If you start feeling cold chances are you wont stay out very long and could miss some amazing shots.

Keeping the camera dry

You can do this by investing in some waterproof covers for your gear, or by simply wrapping it up in a bin liner DIY style. Make sure you have a lens hood fitted to the lens to keep any water droplets from getting on the glass. If you take the camera out of a warm house or car, you will need to give it a few minutes to acclimatise to the cold, otherwise you will see the lens mist up.

Head out early

The best time to head out is first thing, or straight after a a fresh load of snow has fell. If you leave it to late you will find that many people may have walked on it.


Snow can play havoc with the cameras metering systems and so your lovely white snow pictures can turn out very dull and grey. We need to use the exposure compensation feature of our camera and key in a +1 or +1.5 to make the camera correctly expose the scene in front of us. If your camera hasn't got this feature, check to see if it has a Snow Scene Mode as this will do it for you.


Because there isn't going to be much colour in our snow pictures, we need to rely on leading lines, contrast and texture to make our images stand out. Why not try some black and white images too.

Charge your batteries

Camera batteries will die very quickly in the cold, so make sure they are fully charged before you head out. If you have a spare, make sure this is also fully charged.

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