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Beginners Guide to Travel Photography

With the holiday season in full swing I though I would give you all a few hints and tips on how to take some great shots whilst on your travels.

Camera Gear

Few things you need to think about here. First, what are you going to take? Remember most airlines have a hand luggage weight restriction of around 7kg. That may sound a lot but on my recent trip to New York my bag weighed in at a whopping 11kg! I then had the 10 min struggle of trying to persuade the check in desk to allow me to take it all on rather than sticking some of it in my main luggage.

Do you need everything?

If i go away on holiday I will sometimes limit myself to just one lens. This will reduce the amount of weight you are going to have to carry around with you for the week and will also make you think more about your images.

Make sure your cameras are insured.

A few years back I was away on holiday and had my bag stolen, iPhone, iPad, wallet and cash all gone on the first day. It was only when I called the insurance that I realised that my insurance only covered me for £400 with a £150 excess. £1100 of items lost, only £350 back from the insurance.

When to shoot

Early mornings and late nights are a great time to shoot because the tourist spots will be quieter. Its always hard to capture special landmarks in all their glory when you have 2000 people standing in front of them. If you are heading out late at night, safety should always be at the top of your list, don't head out alone, and make sure people people know where you are going. Sometimes, tourist spots are just going to be too busy, so heading off the beaten track can often help you find quieter locations to shoot and make your photos different from every other tourist.

What to shoot

Always try and capture the culture of the country your in, this can be done by photographing local people, shops, markets etc. Try getting little detail shots, such as close ups of local flowers, colours. items that are native to that country. this will help to build up the full story of your trip. When photographing local people, make sure that its OK, some countries you may come across people that don't want their photographs taken due to religious or cultural reasons.

Here are some of my favourites from my travels.

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